Hot spring

Guests can enjoy hot spa of their choice in this magnificent scenery surrounded by mountain range. From our own 4 hot spring sources, the volume of hot spring water is more than enough for all our guests and Water sources are pouring out 1,500 liters of hot water in every minute. There is no need for recycling! Guests at OkadaRyokan main building and at Warakutei as well can enjoy 100% pure natural quality hot spring at their own discretion.

Open air hot spring

In this open air hot spring, guests can enjoy not only 100% natural hot spring flows but also scenic pleasure in their free spirit. The whispering of the wind in the trees and variety of twittering of birds are gifts from the open-air hot spring you should never miss.

・[Tender-green open air bath] From early summer, guests’ will be dazzled by thick  tender green mountain views

・[Autumn-tinted open air bath] During fall, guests can enjoy mountain view dyed    full range of autumn colors.

・[Snowy landscape open air bath] Even in cold winter, guests can stay warm in hot  spring while enjoying breath-taking pure white mountain view.

Please come visit and enjoy four distinctive seasonal joy of OKUHIDA.

Grand bath, Yawaragi no yu

Public bath decorated with red granite wall and KOUYA-MAKI wooden floor is equipped with Jacuzzi, jet bath and UTASE-YU (strong water flow from the ceiling) The touch of wooden floor will make guests feel as comfortable as they are in soft forest soil.

Private baths

Private baths are big hit item in which guests can appreciate secluded privacy with abundance of flowing hot spring. Guests can choose between 2 types of private baths where exclusive lounge and sauna are fully available and spend some quality time at their disposal.
[FUDO-NO-YU] In-door bath tub with tatami (straw) mat and surrounded by rocks open air bath
[YAKUSHI-NO-YU] Semi in-door and semi open-air bath tub made of huge cauldron as it is.



Once one time

¥2,000 + TAX for 50mins per room, start from every hour on the hour. Please make a reservation at front desk. Private hot spring will open from 15:00 to 21:00 and 7:00 to 9:00 next day. Reservation for the private hot spring sometimes cannot be made with late check in time. First come, first serve basis.