HIRAYU ONSEN, close to Gifu-ken’s famous peak, Kasagatake is located at the heart of North Alps’ Norikuradake Mountain. With over 100 years’ of operating experiences, 4 season’s distinct scenery and delicate traditional Japanese style facilities. We have been serving many satisfied customers for over a century.Our representative facilities include multi-purpose grand public bath called YAWARAGI that made of woods, Japanese style private restaurant called KEYAKI in which customers can enjoy fresh seasonal cuisine and graceful guest rooms with magnificent view. Spacious open ceiling lobby that embraces the whole mountain scenery is another attraction you should never miss. We sincerely hope guests to enjoy our warm hearted services with comfortable facilities.

The history of HIRAYU ONSEN

Hirayu hot spring, located at the heart of Mt. Norikura, 1,283 meters above sea level is one of the oldest hot springs in Okuhida hot spring resort. The record about Hirayu hot spring was recorded as far back as the end of Edo era. There was a chapter on Hirayu hot spring travel sketch on this record. According to this record, during the battle between clans, the soldiers were poisoned and became immobile. At that moment they witnessed an old white monkey with injured leg went into the hot spring and cured. Soldiers scrambled into the hot spring and recovered their health. From then on, many people with various ailments came to visit the spa to cure their diseases. DAIMYO Feudal lord from Hokuriku region also left a note about the hot spring to get over the fatigue during his SANKIN-KOTAI Alternate attendance mission. There is also a picture painted in the Meiji era describing people enjoying this Hirayu hot spring. In summary, Hirayu hot spring is one of the most beloved spas in the country from old times.

Special features of HIRAYU ONSEN

With faint sulfur aroma, YUNOSATO Spa village Hirayu hot spring boasts the oldest history and premiere quality. From its 40 wells and sources, Hirayu hot spring region gushes around 13,000 liters of rich volume of hot water for every one minute. Close to 90 degree Celsius hot water contains sodium, calcium, magnesium and hydrogen carbonate is known to be effective in treating gastro-enteric disorder, rheumatism as well as neuralgia and various skin troubles.

Tourist attraction

  • Kamikochi
  • Shinhodaka Ropeway
  • Hirayu Onsen Hot Spring Ski Resort
  • Hirayunomori
  • Hirayuotaki
  • Norikuradake
  • Hidatakayama
  • Shirakawagou
  • Mountain rail Gattan Go
  • Satoyama Cycling
  • Hida no sato
  • Hida kokubunji
  • Senkouji
  • Hida furukawa
  • Hidatakayama museum